For our investors who prefer a less complicated trading environment, Guardian offers the HTML-based WebTrader as an alternative to the Trader Workstation (TWS). The clean, intuitive interface makes it easy to view market data, submit orders, and monitor your account and executions. WebTrader is the perfect alternative for users who work behind a firewall, and since it runs through the Internet, you can log in and trade from any Internet-ready PC with no downloads.
To access WebTrader, use the Login dropdown list in the top right corner of the web site. For more details on the features, and for procedures on how to use WebTrader, see the WebTrader Users’ Guide.

web trader create order

The well-labeled tabs break down trading tasks into simple actions:

Market View
Shows market data and allows you to create orders with a single click on the Bid or Ask price.

Lets youcreate and modify orders, and displays a list of all open orders.

Displays current-day execution reports by action, and shows a summary of exections for each underlying.

Shows you a summary of your account status, your margin requirements, your equity, net liquidation and P&L, and all of your positions.

Displays option chains, allowing you to create a new tab for each underlying, and supports one-click order creation.

Shows you market data, open orders, executions and a chart for a specific product. Create multiple tabs for multiple products.

Provides drop-down boxes to help you easily define your criteria and find contract information and IDs.

Provides; a profile, news, charting, financials, insider trading info, analyst info and reports for any company.

Lets you modify general settings, like the font size and style, execution reports sorting criteria, and the operating mode (expert allows single-click order transmission).

Customise Tabs
Helps you customise the application by creating and designing your own page(s). For example, we created the Misc tab in the image below, and added Market View, New Order, Portfolio and Execution Summary modules.

Please note that the HTML-based WebTrader supports a limited number of features compared to the Java-based TWS.

web trader market details

All terms and conditions subject to change without notice.